Per Holmquist: The Beat Designer

With a strong passion for making music but the inability to play instruments, Per had to find a different way to create music. And he succeeded; he cr

Yomi Abiola: The Inclusionist

Super model Yomi Abiola was the first African face of Maybelline and has graced the pages of magazines like Elle and Vogue Italy. But she soon became

Afrah Nasser: We Can Blog it!

When Yemeni journalist Afrah Nasser tried to write about corruption, injustices and human rights violations in Yemen newspapers, she couldn’t find he

Helena Backlund Wasling: Fight off Loneliness with Touch

As children we need touch to be able to handle stress and develop normally. Loneliness happens to be one of the greatest life hazards of our times and

Max Ortiz Catalan: World Unique Intuitive Bionic Limbs

The Scientist Max Ortiz Catalan talks about how biology and mechatronics, for the first time, integrates man and machine into an intuitive prostheses,

Thomas Helleday: Crush Cancer by Innovation and Crowdsourcing

Thomas Helleday is the scientist who is determined to beat cancer by sharing knowledge world wide through crowdsourcing. Listen to his talk about sta

Lisanne Triezenberg: How to listen to your inner whispering voice

She leads her life with the ”Big C” lurking around the corner, now with a young daughter recently fighting brain cancer. Listen to her strong talk on

Dave Crowe: The Beatboxer

He tells us about how he became a dancer and beatboxer despite not having the typical physical attributes for it. He challenges us to seek freedom wit

Sutip Austad: The Mindset Cultivator

From a tough childhood plagued with abandonment, death and scarcity to a happy life with her own business and a beautiful family, Sutip Austad is the