The Little Boys Choir: Happy

Pharrell Williams song ”Happy” Performed by The Little Boys Choir featuring Dave Crowe and English Popkören.

Angelica Löwdin: Be Who You Are – Whatever That Is

Angelica Löwdin kept a secret for more than 50 years. Life gave her a confusing set of lemons, as she was born as a boy who from an early age felt a s

Linda Holmgren: A Light in the Dark

What would you do if your life were shattered into pieces? Linda Holmgren was the victim of rape on two separate occasions. Now she uses her history t

Fredrik Wikholm: A Solution for a Sustainable Fashion Industry

Every year we throw away 30 kg of clothes, and the textile industry is one of the world’s top 5 polluters. So, how can we make the fashion industry mo

Navid Modiri: The Conversation Activist |

Raised within a Persian family in Sweden, Navid learned from an early age that people are too used to talking about “the others” instead of to the oth

Afra Noubarzadeh: Coding Art |

Growing up in an artistic family, Afra Noubarzadeh was the only one craving for technology, and set out to become a ”nerd”. With his art projects he’s

Per Holmquist: The Beat Designer

With a strong passion for making music but the inability to play instruments, Per had to find a different way to create music. And he succeeded; he cr

Yomi Abiola: The Inclusionist

Super model Yomi Abiola was the first African face of Maybelline and has graced the pages of magazines like Elle and Vogue Italy. But she soon became

Afrah Nasser: We Can Blog it!

When Yemeni journalist Afrah Nasser tried to write about corruption, injustices and human rights violations in Yemen newspapers, she couldn’t find he