23/10 - 2017

TEDxGÖTEBORGs yearly event Brave New World 

will take place at Clarion Hotel Post

Brave new world

Have you heard of Brave New World? Originally a quote from Shakespeare’s The Tempest it was re-used by author Aldous Huxley as his title for the world-renowned dystopian novel written in 1939. Huxley prophesied that the rise of eugenics, passive obedience and increasing greed was creating a dark future for mankind. He feared that governments would use science and technology to keep its citizens in chains and therefore hinder freedom. What about today?

Where will advancements like gene therapy, self-driving cars, virtual realities and our undying lust for everything on-demand lead us? Will automation steal our jobs, or set us free? Will our prolonged lifespan spread our resources too thin? And how do we make sure to have brave progressive leaders in this new world? 

TEDxGöteborg invites you to join us as we try to answer these questions and many more at our annual event on October 23. Our speakers will inspire you, sometimes provoke you, and most definitely spark your mind with their ideas worth spreading.

And of course, enjoy our amazing performers in between!

See you at the TEDxGöteborg event BRAVE NEW WORLD at the Clarion Post Hotel on the 23rd of October! Tickets available soon.