We are proud to present the speakers for TEDxGöteborg 2015 – What if…

Mikael Genberg

What if…The idea of lacing a red house with white trim on the moon. The cottage will be great as a soldier. In compressed form, the package is not larger than two shoeboxes and may weigh 5-10 kg. The material must be lightweight, extremely durable and able to withstand conditions such as low temperatures and vacuum. Scientists and engineers are constantly coming up with new ideas. When we greet in Genberg’s studio in Västerås, a new packing proposals arrived from the engineering group in a brown cardboard box.
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Shahrzad Kiavash

In March 2012, Sharzad was hit by a disease that almost took her life. Both her legs are amputated. In November the same year, she can take a few faltering steps with the help of crutches. In early October 2013, she manages a few hours without a wheelchair. Now she will compete in triathlons. What if….
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