We are proud to present the speakers for TEDxGöteborg2014 – When Life Gives You Lemons.
The final program will contain about 15 speakers so stay tuned.

Per Holmquist – The Beat Designer

Per Holmquist - The Beat Designer Per Holmquist wanted to make music easy and available for anyone. In an unexpected way, he built a music machine, the Beat Blox, looking like a toy, but with the sound of a world-leading DJ.
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Thomas Helleday – The Cancer Fighting Pioneer

Thomas Helleday is a pioneer in cancer research. Not only does he have his mind set on finding a cure, but in a whole new way. In an industry where commercial interests often set the agenda, Helleday Laboratory decided to start a non-profit, public foundation to support the research. And they share their innovations and findings openly for the world to see.
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Max Ortiz Catalan – Scientist of Bionic Limbs

Max managed to develop prosthetics that, with help from titanium implants, neuromuscular interfaces, and sophisticated control algorithms, are controlled by the brain, via nerve fibers, in the same way as a biological limb. At TEDxGöteborg2014 Max will talk about his mind-controlled prostheses and the potential in the field.
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Helena Backlund Wasling – Researcher of Human Touch

Helena Backlund Wasling and her team or researchers has mapped how a soft touch activates the parts of the brain that controls our emotions. In November she visits TEDxGöteborg to speak about the potentials for an affective touch to create a relation, make people listen and the chance to get them to do what you like.
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Manuel Knight – The Corn Philosopher

After growing up in the ghettos of Atlanta and serving in the operation Desert Storm in Iraq, Manuel Knight takes the audience by the hand when he talks about how to motivate people to achieve empowerment. This trained psychologist with a 15 years of experience has learned to value the true meaning of teamwork through the tough days of his past. These are the days that most of us do not have to face ever in our life, yet Manuel’s philosophy has served him from his childhood to this day. The philosophy is simple, if you want corn – plant corn. Manuel is spreading his philosophy like a virus, vast and fast.
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