TEDxGöteborg is partnering up with Oddwork!

We are so very happy and proud that our epic lovestory with Oddwork is still going strong!

On one of the last days of summer we met up with the Oddwork crew and also got to ask CEO and CO-founder Charles Sinclair a bit about this and that. Oh, and of couse we took some love bird-pics.

Top from the left: Sara Silow (Brand Manager Oddwork) Francisco Mosteiro, Elin Tornblad, Jasmin Kamyab (Talent Manager Oddwork) Bottom form the left: Philip Bendroth (Talent Manager Oddwork) Charles Sinclair (CEO & Head of Employer Branding Oddwork) and Martin Andersson.

"Your vibe attracts your tribe. TEDx and Oddwork create a fit that is here to last, love and flourish." - Charles Sinclair

Why are TEDx and Oddwork a great fit?

One finds incredible power and inspiration in TEDx. It’s mission of spreading ideas between people from all backgrounds, fields and cultures is very much in alignment with Oddwork’s own reason for being: Dare to dream. Be the revolution. The same kind of drive and imagination can be found in both organizations and we very much believe in the power of this year’s theme: Disrupting the Status Quo. Your vibe attracts your tribe. TEDx and Oddwork create a fit that is here to last, love and flourish.

What ideas are Oddwork, as an organization, passionate about spreading?

As a brand and as an organization we are passionate about spreading ideas about company culture and how to create organizations where everyone feel passionately about what they do, knowing why they do what they do – in alignment with the organization’s reason for being

What is Oddwork’s mission?

Dare to dream. Be the revolution. In a world full of expectations, the most daring thing you can do is to dream. We believe in challenging these expectations, empowering talents and organizations to be the best they can be. By matching personality with company culture and strengthening employer brands, we are here to revolutionize our industry.

It might seem simple, yet it is the most powerful equation of them all: If everyone did what they truly loved, the world would become a better place. That is why we started our orange revolution. And you are welcome to join.

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