PE Accounting

TEDxGöteborg is partnering up with PE Accounting!

Great ideas are easier to spread all over the world if there are partners driven by the same common goals supporting TEDx mission. PE Accounting are passionate about ideas in general and growth in particular.

In 2011 PE Accounting created the first automated economy-/ERP system in Sweden. The goal was and still is to let companies make better decisions with real time updated data, focus on adding value and minimize manual administration. A crispy cold winter morning we met up with Erik Skoting, regional manager for PE Accounting. We discussed the disruption of accounting, burdening administration and why the future of the entrepreneur is bright.

What drives PE Accounting?

When the basics of modern accounting was created during the 13th century in Italy the idea was to better understand if a company was heading in the right direction or not, to see correlations and make better decisions. Many companies today handle their numbers solemnly for bookkeeping and government reports. Our mission is to give back the power over the numbers to the company leaders, help them make better decisions based on real time updated data and grow faster and more controlled than what has been possible before. This is only possible through complete disruption of the traditional manual economy administration. Digitalization is a part of that but never the ultimate goal. Through automation, changes in governmental rules and regulations, new ways of thinking and cooperation we can make true difference. We are now just scratching the surface of what is possible. The idea driven disruption of accounting and administration is still moving in its cradle.

What is your passion, which ideas are worth spreading?

If you have ideas worth spreading you should be able to do that without being hindered by burdening administration, outdated structures, obsolete reports or lack of bookkeeping knowledge. This is the core idea of PE Accounting, why we exist at all and why our clients love us. We believe that the future of entrepreneurship is bright and TEDx mission to spread great ideas a huge inspiration for all of us.

Why PE Accounting and TEDx?

PE Accounting is founded by entrepreneurs with a strong focus on changing things for the better, for companies in Sweden and all over the world. Every day we challenge traditional thinking, to make sure that the solutions we deliver are in the forefront of what is possible, to make sure we never stagnate and make a difference.

To be a part of TEDxGöteborg feels like coming home, to be among like minded, to find a place where we can share our ideas with others and evolve even further. Already at our first meeting with TEDxGöteborg tons of great ideas were put on the table and we came back to our day-to-day business more inspired than ever.

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