TEDxGöteborg is partnering up with Yuncture!

We are so very happy and proud to present that we are partnering up with Yuncture!

The Yuncture incubator program is the juncture between young talent and the business establishment. They have collected a wealth of award-winning expertise from those who have already found success in their business ventures.

What ideas are Yuncture, as an organization, passionate about spreading?

We are passionate to spread ideas about entrepreneurship and rethinking business. Our hearts beats for people and businesses with the capacity to challenge the status quo and inspire others. Yuncture as an organization also live by some ideas that we consider are fundamental. These are openness, honesty and respect. Ideas that are as relevant in business as in daily life.

What is Yuncture’s mission?

Gothenburg is teeming with young, driven people and promising new companies that have much to offer, and which have the potential to compete on both the national and international stage. Yuncture’s mission is to collect and foster these fresh talents. We facilitate natural contact between young companies and Gothenburg’s business community, thereby offering energy, expertise, and capital to the ideas that are born here. We just happen to do all of this through an incubator program.

Why is TEDx and Yuncture a great fit?

I think TEDx and Yuncture is a great fit, because of many reasons. First of all, we have been a long-time fan of TEDx and the very good concept of it all. Second is the great message of “ideas worth spreading”. At Yuncture, we help driven people to achieve their dreams by together develop their business ideas into future sustainable and successful companies. You could say that we help “ideas worth developing”.

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