This is TEDxGöteborg

Our mission is to create memorable TED-like events in Gothenburg, 

where people can meet and exchange ideas.

About TEDxGöteborg

TEDxGöteborg consists of a dedicated team of talented volunteers. We come in all ages, nationalities, and professions. What is more, we come together in our genuine passion for ideas worth spreading. Which, also, includes you.

We are curious 

We welcome different viewpoint

We see change as a good thing

We are intrigued by the unexpected

Our mission is to create memorable TED-like events in Gothenburg, where people can meet and exchange ideas. We dare to say that TEDxGöteborg is a source of inspiration; that encourages people to connect, create, share, and care. In the long run, our vision is to establish TEDxGöteborg as the most interesting and unique meeting platform in the region, were people from different backgrounds and professional areas meet on a regular basis, with the single aim of sharing and developing great ideas.  To sustain and reinforce the positive development of TEDxGöteborg, we need the crucial support and collaboration of long term partners, interesting people who are willing to share their ideas, and a strong, open community of people who want meet others – to inspire and be inspired.


The Speaker team

Anyone with an interesting, original idea can become a TEDxGöteborg speaker, and it is the speaker team’s job to find these candidates. Both professional speakers and complete newbies to the stage are considered – it really is all about the idea. The Speaker team is also in charge of choosing the TED talks to be streamed at the events

The Production Team

There are a lot of logistics around the events, and this is the production team’s responsibility. The team ensures that everything is in place for the events, such as a venue, equipment, catering, decorations, event schedule, and of course greeting our guests and making you feel welcome.

The Partner Team

Even though TEDxGöteborg is a team of dedicated volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to pull this off without the support of our partners. The partner team seeks to form collaborations with companies and organizations that want to support our values and mission, while reinforcing the regional innovative climate, finding new partnerships, and simply being part of the future.

The Marketing Team

Last, but not least, we need you – the TEDxGöteborg community – to know about our existence. This is the marketing team’s task. Through social media, our web, and via partners, we remind you of the ideas that have already been shared within the community, and make sure you know about the events coming up.

Types of events

TEDxGöteborg organizes four types of events: Salon event with streamed talks, Salon event with live speakers, Main event, and TEDx Live event.

At all our events, we encourage everyone attending to talk to at least one new person. The talks – streamed and live ones – is a source of inspiration, but the interaction with your fellow spectators is just as important. Who knows what ideas might come to life with the help of a little interaction with a stranger?

At a TEDxGöteborg Salon event with streamed talks, you will watch two to four streamed TED talks on a specific topic, and be guided to discuss related questions in small groups.

A TEDxGöteborg Salon event with live speakers will have as many as four speakers. At these occasions, we also stream TED talks and facilitate discussions within the audience.  

The TEDxGöteborg Main event is usually a full day packed with live speakers ranging from your next door neighbor to world-famous scientists, performances, guided sessions to discuss ideas and make new acquaintances, streamed TED talks, meetings with our partners, and other surprises.

A TEDxGöteborg Live event is a chance to experience an official TED Conference, without crossing the Atlantic – from the comfort of your local movie theatre.