Josefin Dahlberg question the taboo of alcoholism

Would you say that you are living your best life? Or do you just live your life the way society wants you to? Joining TEDx to share her message – here is Josefin Dahlberg!

Josefin Dahlberg is an influencer, public speaker and author of the autobiography ”Idag är jag fri” (Today, I am free). The book tells her story of being an alcoholic at 15, hitting rock bottom at 18 and going completely sober at 21. Nine years later she has learned how to turn anxiety and suicidal thoughts into having a healthy outlook on life – that we are all worth to live the life of our dreams. Apart from this, Josefin is also known for having a podcast and spreading positive ideas on social media.

In her talk, Josefin will question the taboo of alcoholism and show that it is never too late to turn your life around. Get ready for a big boost of inspiration when this disrupter hits the TEDx stage on February 18th.