Maria Ahlin is gradually breaking one

of our biggest taboos.

With hard facts, statistics, grit, and expertise she is here to challenge old beliefs and myths about porn, - a subject many would avoid at almost any cost.

By inspiring a public conversation about pornography she is challenging old beliefs and myths by replacing them with facts, science, and real-life stories. All of which are clearly showing the serious health consequences originating from porn consumption.

In addition to being a public speaker, author and educator Maria is also head of youth organization 'Changing attitudes'. As an expert on issues concerning pornography and sex-buying she has given more than 400 public talks. In her research, she has met with more than 500 people in prostitution, as well as thousands of sex-offenders.

Her talk will revolve around the health effects of porn consumption and the actions we can take to challenge old beliefs and myths once and for all.