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The theme for 2019 year’s TEDxGöteborg was ”Disrupting Status Quo”. At the event, we got a closer insight into people and organizations that have done things differently from what society has been telling us is the right way to do things.

Have you heard of Brave New World? Originally a quote from Shakespeare’s The Tempest it was re-used by author Aldous Huxley as his title for the world-renowned dystopian novel written in 1939. Huxley prophesied that the rise of eugenics, passive obedience and increasing greed was creating a dark future for mankind. He feared that governments would use science and technology to keep its citizens in chains and therefore hinder freedom. What about today?

Salon Event – Sustainability vs availability 2017

TEDxGöteborg Salon Innovative Cities

Our cities are growing in both size and number all over the world, and so are the technological ideas for improving our daily lives when roads and spaces are being shared to a greater extent than before. How can innovation help us to create smarter cities?

annual Main event – 

spectrum 2016 

TEDxGöteborg Salon Sustainability vs. Availability

When visiting your local grocery store, you are faced with a number of decisions where sustainable products often are compared with cheaper mass productions. But what does sustainability really mean, and how can sustainable alternatives become more available?

TEDxGöteborg Salon Education

We live in a time when education seems to be more important than ever, which is ironic considering the abundance of information available to most people. Question is, what is the role of education in this digital age? And is there perhaps a need to redefine the aim of the entire field?

TEDxGöteborg 2016: Spectrum

Knowledge is everywhere. When combined it can create a spectrum, but a spectrum is not limited to a specific set of ideas. Instead it can vary infinitely within a certain time and space, just like the colors of the rainbow or the diversity in people's taste in music. 

Videos from previous events

With a mission to create good condition for meaningful conversations, Navid Modiri knows what to do When Life Gives You Lemon. 

Idriz Zogaj is passionate about teaching others how to improve their memories and believes that with the right practice, almost everyone can get a super-memory.

A journey into beatboxing as well as life, Dave Crowe will talk about people he met around the world and sour lemons that turned out to be sweeter than honey in retrospect. 

Yomi Abiola started modelling as a way to get acceptance and validation. But in the fashion industry, being a black model proved to be a tough endeavor. After being rejected, stereotyped and caricatured several times just based on the color of her skin, she knew it was time to elevate herself.

Graphene. These just one-atom thick carbon structures is without doubt the most buzzed-about material in the world of science today. Mikael Fogelström, Professor at Chalmers, coordinates two large national research projects on graphene science. 

Assiye Süer tells us about her quest of finding life in the universe, about how we originated from the stars and about how unlikely it would be if we were in fact alone. She is also suggesting that Enceladus is our best chance of finding life within our own solar system. 

Tina Glenvik offers the three keys to unlocking the ability to be in control of who you want to be.

Rino Solberg, describes his long-term vision for an Africa without poverty. Rino has synthesized his extensive knowledge of business and the continent in a three-pronged approach that has been transforming the lives of thousands of rural farmers in Uganda and Kenya for the past 12 years. 

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