Carolina Jonnor – The entrepreneur that wants you to close the gap between who you are and what you do

Carolina Jonnor, social entrepreneur

Today, Carolina Jonnor is the founder and CEO of two highly successful companies. One makes the money; the other is a pro bono. You could say that the mere 38 year old has already conquered the world of business – and in more sense than one. Stepping from one stone to the next, shaping her own idea of the future of business. The heart of it all, if you will.

And the heart is human.

But like most of us humans, we tend to not really pursue life until we find ourselves in the eye of an event that changes everything. That makes us sort of realize what is important, and what is not. That moment came to Carolina when her mother passed away, hastily and unexpectedly, in her arms. Lost for words, a sense of emptiness appeared. As well as the question: “What am I doing with my life?” And within the answer she found that there is more to existing than just being alive – and that the way forward is to close the gap between who you are and what you do. Business-wise, that meant creating a company and an entirely new business model built on relationships, empathy, and trust – the core values of Carolina.

In her talk, Carolina Jonnor will delve deeper into how relationships and meetings build a currency of trust, and how that can profoundly change your view on work, business, and in the grand scheme of things; life. Sounds interesting?