Göran Johansson - The next quantum revolution

Göran Johansson, professor in nanoscience

Imagine a completely new type of computer, which is based on the principle of quantum superposition, the fact that electrons or any other quantum particle can be in two places at the same time. How will this computer change the future of what lies ahead? 

Born in Gothenburg, Göran Johansson, professor in nanoscience, studied and finished his Ph.D. in physics at Chalmers. Today he has climbed the career ladder as Head of the Applied Quantum Physics Laboratory. During the turn of the millennium, he joined an innovative new European project to build a superconductive quantum computer, a computer that will be game-changing for our future. A regular computer can either go right or left when it approaches an obstacle. A quantum computer can, however, go both ways. It is difficult for us humans to understand how the electron can move both ways from one place to another because according to our rational human brain, we can only go left or right. The idea of the quantum computer is to exploit this fact. If you want to find the best solution you need to optimize. But optimizing takes time. No system today, even with the best supercomputers can solve this problem. On the other hand, the superconductive quantum computer is here to change that. 

In his talk, Göran will talk about the next quantum computer revolution and how they in the future will change the way we learn new things about the world.