Hanna Stjärne – The CEO of Swedish Television

Hanna Stjärne, CEO at SVT

She went to a junior high for music. Switched path to journalism at the university. Called Brussels her home as a reporter for Dagens Eko at Swedish Radio, and went on to become the youngest boss ever at Swedish Radio P1. And today, Hanna Stjärne is the CEO of the biggest media organization in Sweden.

As such, she is well aware of the challenging times ahead.

From a media point of view, our society is being torn. Polarized. New establishments are pushing an agenda while the sincere actors aim to get to the truth. But in a new world where anyone with an audience is also a commander of the “truth,” it seems that reality itself is on the line. And that history may look back at the year of 2017 as the year when the truth was almost lost. In another scenario, history may not even look back at all.

As if nothing ever happened.