Joel Rozada – The CEO that wants to unlock a new way of thinking when approaching problems

Joel Rozada, CEO at The Techno Creatives

Joel Rozada is the CEO of a successful company, and divides his time between his two offices in Gothenburg and Shanghai. He has been an entrepreneur for the last ten years and for him it is a way of living. But Joel is more than a brilliant entrepreneur; he is also a deep thinker that spends a lot of his time reflecting on the complex problems we face today.


Which have never been this many, or this dire.


And in order to solve these problems Joel emphasizes that we need to create a way of thinking that is not linear, that we need to expand the way we think about solving problems. And turning it around by asking yourself: “what is the most immoral thing I can do in this situation,” and take it from there. Joel sees it as a way to unlock a new way of thinking when approaching big issues and challenges, to creatively change the thought process. It may sound a bit rebellious, but who says that is a bad thing?


In his talk, Joel Rozada will explore the idea of “Immoral Thinking” as a way to alter the strategy of thought, and a way to approach our pressing problems in a creative manner.