Katarina Blom – The Psychologist that wants you to befriend your brain

Katarina Blom, psychologist

She is a co-founder of a gym for the mind, the first author to publish a Swedish book on positive psychology, and she is the creator of one of the biggest digital platforms on psychology in Sweden. And she is an Acroyoga instructor. So there is a surprising amount of doing involved in how Katarina chooses to live her life – and practice her profession.

Perhaps that’s a clue.

Because according to Katarina, happiness is not as much about positive thinking as it is about taking positive actions. Doing things. Challenging yourself. To seek out meaning and find the things that make you feel alive. But in a time when technological innovation is happening at an exponential rate, change is bound to happen all around us. And how will that affect our wellbeing? What can we do to strengthen ourselves and others in times of change?

In her talk, Katarina Blom will reframe your thoughts on happiness and give you insights about why your brain is not always on your side when it comes to happiness. And what you can do to cultivate a life well lived in times of change.