Talib & Shubhaa Fisher – The couple that knows how to improve your relationships 

Talib Fisher & Shubhaa Fisher, psychologists

It’s Brazil in the year 2000. An American man and a Brazilian woman find themselves both at the same personal development retreat, feeling a strong mutual connection but having terrible timing. Seven years later they run into each other again in Italy and the connection blossoms once again. Both being psychologists with a strong passion for connecting with people and aiding in others’ personal development, it’s no surprise that Talib and Shubhaa Fisher have been working as a couple for years now, helping others work on themselves through different types of relationships.

Talib and Shubhaa find that nothing affects humans and their well-being more than intimate relationships. Both holding degrees in psychology with Shubhaa specializing in gestalt & relationship therapy and Talib in relational and trauma resolutions, the two are highly certified within different areas that contribute to working on relationship issues. These include but are not limited to trauma therapy, relationship therapy, and brainspotting, which is a treatment that finds and brings out emotionally painful sources that are buried in the unconscious. By using relationship-based therapy through workshops and seminars, the two help individuals learn how to consciously relate to key people in their lives, including friends, family members, colleagues, or partners. A significant part of their work includes deeply exploring relationships through the masculine and feminine characteristics that they believe we all possess. According to Talib and Shubhaa, we must harness the positive aspects of these two in order to deepen love and intimacy between both people; otherwise, when the masculine and feminine are distorted, they make us unconsciously sabotage love over and over again.

No one has perfect relationships – that’s just part of being human! Luckily, there’s a way to develop tactics that allow for growth in these situations. You can also harness the key elements needed to create relationship, and ultimately, self improvement.