Tobias Strollo & Gabriella Bergbäck – Acroyoga

Tobias Strollo & Gabriella Bergbäck, acroyoga

Acroyoga — traditional yoga’s playful and intense sibling. One might break down the word as simply being a combination of acrobatics and yoga, but it is so much more. Combine the previous elements with healing arts plus the development of one’s balance, strength and a mix of trust and partnership — you’ve got the recipe for acroyoga! Acroyoga differentiates itself from traditional yoga in the fact that it is done in pairs where one person is the “base” on the floor and one is the “flyer,” performing moves while suspended in the air.

Tobias Strollo and Gabriella Bergbäck, who started Acroyoga Stockholm in 2009, have been leading courses, workshops, and retreats in acroyoga for almost nine years but practicing the art for ages. The two have a pure passion for the art and brought it to Stockholm where they founded the acroyoga community that exists today. Tobias’ background consists of thaimassage training at the well-known Sunshine Network in the Lahu village in Thailand, along with Hatha yoga, which focuses on physical and mental activities that put you in control of both your body and mind. Gabriella has trained in circus acrobatics at Cirkus Cirkör (Swedish circus school), has also studied Thai yoga massage in Thailand, and is a certified acroyoga and Vinyasa yoga teacher. Bringing together their skills, the two make for a perfect base and flyer.

Don’t miss their “high flying” performance, where they not only engage in the playful and flying form of acroyoga, but with the audience as well in a conversation about trust and courage.