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New Partnership

With Conne❌ions just around the corner, TEDxGöteborg is proud to present our most recent partnership with Nudie Jeans! Nudie Jeans is a Swedish denim brand founded in Gothenburg, in 2001. They provide and maintain a tradition true to the fabric’s history and characteristics with wear, tear, and repair ways of thinking rather than fast fashion. Only makes sense that their vision is to become the most sustainable denim brand!

"We're proud to partner with a local, independent, story-telling community and platform as TEDxGöteborg. We share the values of inspiring, sharing, and taking care of great beliefs, and the ConneXions event is a perfect forum to fuel this mindset."

We're so glad to have Nudie Jeans with us on the TEDxGöteborg journey and truly appreciate their contribution. See you at ConneXions!

New Entertainer

Meet PASH, one of our three entertainment acts joining us on April 7th. Growing up with inspirations of lyrical hip hop and RnB, PASH has developed his own style as an independent artist and songwriter from Gothenburg. We are ready for him to take on the Conne❌ions stage next week!

New Speaker

Forget about IKEA, Volvo and Aviici. The greatest thing ever produced in Sweden is a principle that almost no one outside of Sweden has ever heard of: one simple principle that fights corruption, lies and helps strengthen democracy.

Meet journalist Fouad Youcefi, who will be joining us at Conne❌ions on April 7th. Fouad will be bringing a new depth to the ideas of democracy.

New Speaker

Technology can help us to connect and be efficient, or: get us overwhelmed and stressed out. Meet Birgit, an associate professor of computer science at Chalmers and yoga teacher who will be joining us with her TEDx talk at Conne❌ions.

She will be talking about how working with breathing and relaxation can assist in sustainable technology development, bringing our modern ages of technology to a more personal space of positive intentions.

New Speaker

How does one go about creating value for themselves and following their dreams? Fuad Shidane will be breaking down how he learned to create value in the world by interviewing entrepreneurs from around the country with his TEDx talk on April 7th.

He will share how entrepreneurship can be one way for you to create your value and what YOU have in common with every successful person throughout time.

New Speaker

Identity continuously evolves, especially the identity associated with our built environments. Meet Viktoria Walldin, social anthropologist among architects and expert on social sustainability.

How does the design of our communities affect the people living in it? Her TEDx talk on April 7th will be focusing on these themes, looking into how our knowledge of individuals' experience can equip architects with building place identity for its inhabitants to prosper.

New Speaker

One topic that never goes out of style - money! Meet Claes Hemberg, public economist and one of our speakers at ConneXions.

Many people can feel trapped by the overwhelming information on how to reach financial stability, trying to navigate investments, a mortgage, and the economy. Claes is ready to help you get off that roller coaster! In his TEDx talk on April 7th, Claes will be providing us with insights and easy to follow guidelines for how you can make smart choices with your money. So, what are you waiting for? Make your first smart investment and get your Conne❌ions tickets today.

New Speaker

What is your connection to grief? There are many ways to process death, from an individual's own ritual to deal with grief, to the many cultural rituals found around the world.

Meet Heidi Hay, an acclaimed tattoo artist from Sweden and well-known face at TEDxGöteborg. We first met Heidi at our fall event where she discussed tattoos and whether they're a passing trend, career killers, or in fact contemporary art. At Conne❌ions on April 7th, she'll get more personal with us and share her own story of how the Maori death ritual helped her reclaim death, and through this exchange, heal.

New Speaker

What is our Conne❌ion to the food industry and sustainability? Meet David Bryngelsson, our next speaker for the event in April!

The world has decided to solve climate change, and yet the food industry, that’s responsible for a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions, still acts as though it’s optional. David will share his innovative ideas on how to unite the 2 billion people from the food industry and reach the end goal of zero emissions via innovation. If toddlers can handle complex technology and smartphones, we can solve climate change - if we do it together!

New Speaker

What’s our Conne❌ion to the leadership within ourselves? How can we create a dialogue that allows us to learn other perspectives and establish trust? Meet Murphy Alex, who will be dissecting these questions at our main event!

New Speaker

What would you say if we tell you that we have our very own sexologist speaking at Conne❌ions April 7th?

Meet Kalle Norwald, sexologist and soon to be TEDx speaker! Relationships and sexuality are things that affect us all, but why do we put so much time into things that need so much work and energy? Kalle’s TEDx talk may give us a hint for an answer for this question. Make sure to grab your ticket to Conne❌ions, and get your sexy on!

New Speaker

As we try to live sustainably, there are so many outside forces that influence us, including the escalating issue of Greenwashing.

Meet our Conne❌ions speaker Maria Soxbo, who will be joining us this April to share her insights on this topic.

Let's Make ConneXions

As we settle into the new year, our main event is quickly approaching and we want to invite you to join us at this epic event, Conne❌ions! In this edition you will find a full description of our event, an invitation to our early bird and student discounted tickets, and some info about our new website.

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