Danskompaniet Spinn – Challenging and broadening the performing arts

Dance has been with humans since our very beginning and is found across all cultures. But who gets to decide who is allowed to perform on a stage? Spinn, the first integrated dance company in Sweden, consisting of professional dancers – with and without disabilities – thinks we all should. Together, they want to develop the art of dance and challenge existing stereotypes by creating a space for new bodies on the stage.

Spinn was founded by the artistic director Veera Suvalo Grimberg in early 2010, and is  based in Gothenburg. They perform both long and short productions here in Sweden and abroad, as well as organizing workshops and seminars. In their work they have the opportunity to meet preschool children, politicians, students, personal assistants, and many more.

At Spectrum, Spinn will perform a colorful contemporary dance number called Florere characterized by flamboyant outfits, combined with serious steps, in a cloud of soap bubbles. The performance will give space to the unexpected, impressing and affecting the audience, while challenging prevailing boundaries by broadening the performing arts.