Gbgimpro – Live and Unscripted

Improv theatre – where no two shows are ever the same. With a shared love for live, unscripted acting, which was lacking in Gothenburg at the time, Gbgimpro formed in 2005 with Redbergsteatern as their main stage. Normally performing in Swedish, the team also has its English-speaking moments when taking part in various improv festivals around Europe. Standing on three legs, Gbgimpro offers something for everyone; not only can they fulfill your entertainment needs on a Friday night, but they also conduct improv classes where both beginners and those with more experience can harness their inner improvisational expertise. Thirdly, they are even available for private hire for companies that want to expand their team-building skills through workshops.

At Spectrum, the audience can expect to end their day with an entertaining wrap-up combining improv acting, singing, and musical accompaniment. Not only will the acting be improvised, but the piano playing will be too. We cannot say exactly what the group will perform since they do not even know it themselves until the actual moment, but the idea will be to draw inspiration from previous talks throughout the day using different speakers’ topics as the basis for their singing and acting. Come see what happens at Gbgimpro’s performance at Spectrum because we can guarantee you will not see the likes of it again (remember, it is improv)!