Göteborgs Indiekör - Twice yet never the same

Forget church music and the usual way your mind perceives the word choir. Göteborgs Indiekör is an indie choir, comprised of around 40 mixed gender members of different ages, who get together and sing not only indie music, but also soul and R'n'B. The choir formed in 2008 and since then they have been writing their own arrangements of the songs and have hosted a number of concerts.

Göteborgs Indiekör will perform 'Twice' by Little Dragon for the Spectrum audience. The song is a little different than what the choir usually performs, due to the large improvisation parts in the song itself. It is very floating and with no clear structure. Because the song sounds different every time they sing it and it is the first time they will ever perform it live in front of an audience - the experience will be a new one for everyone. 'Twice', when sung by Göteborgs Indiekör is strange, powerful and poignant. We even dare to say it will be cooler than the original. When you listen to the song, you will not know what happens next and the aim is to make the audience, you, feel something. Not too sure what yet - just something.