Previous Events

TEDxGöteborg organizes four types of events: A Salon event with streamed talks, a Salon event with live speakers, the Main event, and a TEDx Live event. At all our events, we encourage everyone attending to talk to at least one new person. The talks – streamed and live ones – are a source of inspiration, but the interaction with your fellow spectators is just as important. Who knows what ideas might come to life with the help of a little interaction with a stranger?

Main Events

The TEDxGöteborg Main event is usually a full day packed with live speakers ranging from your next-door neighbour to world-famous scientists, performances, guided sessions to discuss ideas and make new acquaintances, streamed TED talks, meetings with our partners, and other surprises.

Disrupting Status Quo

In 2019, the theme was "Disrupting Status Quo". At the event, we got a closer insight into people and organizations that have done things differently from what society has been telling us is the right way to do things.

Brave New World

In 2017, TEDxGöteborg brought together the area’s leading creators, entrepreneurs, educators, storytellers, artists, geeks, designers, scientists, leaders, thinkers, and doers on October 23rd with the aim of coming together for sharing and developing great ideas and challenging the status quo.


In 2016, "Spectrum" was hosted in Göteborg. Knowledge is everywhere. When combined it can create a spectrum, but a spectrum is not limited to a specific set of ideas. Instead, it can vary infinitely within a certain time and space, just like the colors of the rainbow or the diversity in people's taste in music.

Salon Events

At a TEDxGöteborg Salon event with streamed talks, you will watch two to four streamed TED talks on a specific topic, and be guided to discuss related questions in small groups. A TEDxGöteborg Salon event with live speakers will have as many as four speakers. On these occasions, we also stream TED talks and facilitate discussions within the audience.

To Be Designed

In 2021, TEDxGöteborg presented "To Be Designed". As this craft develops over the years, opinions surrounding tattoos are ever-changing. Are they stylish? Just a fad? Career killers? Meaningful cultural and self-representation? Contemporary art? We shared with our community some of these answers and created an open discussion on this incredibly diverse topic.


In 2021, TEDxGöteborg hosted an inspiring yet critical discussion that explored two powerful concepts - Entertainment and the Environment for a groundbreaking salon event entitled EnterVironment. This event was an exploration of the management of our own desires and lifestyle in a way that brings about collective and environmental benefits.

What the TECH?!

In 2021, TEDxGöteborg hosted "What the TECH?!". This TEDx event presented a series of talks on the future and innovations of technology.