Our Most Popular TEDxGöteborg Talks

TEDxGöteborg has been active in Gothenburg since 2010, created in the spirit of TED's overall mission to research and discover "ideas worth spreading".

We draw our speakers from an incredible regional talent pool, who come from any discipline, challenge the norms, and think both locally and globally.

We’ve reached thousands in our live audiences and over twenty five million have viewed the resulting videos.

Beyond Borders 2012

How to Become a Memory Master - Idriz Zogaj

When Life Gives You Lemons 2014

The Beatboxer - David Crowe

What If 2015

What If The Universe Was Created Just For You? - Assiye Süer

Disrupting Status Quo 2019

Let’s Talk Porn - Maria Ahlin

Spectrum 2016

The Art of Focus – Christina Bengtsson

When Life Gives You Lemons 2014

Fight Off Loneliness With Touch - Helena Backlund Wasling

Brave New World 2017

You Don't Find Happiness, You Create It - Katarina Blom

Crossroads 2013

Graphene Science - Mikael Fogelström

When Life Gives You Lemons 2014

Bionic Limbs Integrated to Bone, Nerves & Muscles - Max Ortiz Catalan

Crossroads 2013

Fighting Forced Marriages & Honour Based Abuse - Jasvinder Sanghera

Spectrum 2016

Neurodiversity - The Key That Unlocked My World - Elisabeth Wiklander

Spectrum 2016

Fake It Till You Make It - Tina Glenvik