What if?

The TEDxGöteborg theme for 2015 invited us to think about limitations and was based around the mind-boggling and futuristic question “What if?” This was a challenge to think beyond the ordinary, imagine something bold or create freely.

Over 650 open-minded, curious people, listened to 15 inspirational speakers live on stage for a full day while networking. What if a lime is a banana? What if Obama is Banksy? What if you step out of your comfort zone? What if you could save the world? What if you only did things that make you happy?

Research shows that when you are imagining something, the information in your brain flows in the opposite direction compared to when doing it. So what if we go the other way and turn everything upside down? Let’s imagine, let’s pretend, let’s try. Maybe then “What if?” turns into a new It is. What if it works? What if…