Carl Nord & Simon Fors – Physics students challenging NASA

This is the fascinating story of how two 18-year-olds started a project in a small garage south of Gothenburg and made it all the way to a major international science competition in the United States. Being immensely curious about how the world works, combined with a great passion for physics and problem solving, Carl Nord and Simon Fors invested more than 500 hours in order to prove NASA wrong. Along the way, they ended up on a morning show on Swedish national television, got to meet representatives from NASA itself, but perhaps most importantly – they proved that even if you have limited resources and few people believe in you, things can be made possible.

After graduating from high school this past summer, both of them went on to study at university, Carl in engineering design and Simon engineering physics. During their last year as classmates in the natural science program, they got the opportunity to work on a larger project and decided to study air resistance. Convinced that a physical constant on NASA’s website that said how aerodynamic a certain object is was way too big, Carl and Simon began to design their own prototypes, conducted their own experiments and ultimately concluded that NASA was wrong. 

In their talk, Carl and Simon will captivate the audience by telling us their unusual story of how all of this actually happened to two quite regular guys and share the spectrum of how something small can turn into something great. Although their results may not have an impact worldwide, their self-distance to it and persistence to work hard is truly inspirational and an example of how limitations can foster creativity, and failures can lead to success.