Erik Wallin – Entrepreneurial developer and inspirer

How to turn your own idea into a real company can be a great challenge but also a person’s biggest dream. Erik Wallin has travelled the world to discover the key elements among the people who are the absolute best at helping entrepreneurs start a business. Based on his research, he wrote the book ”The Startup Adventure”in 2015, where he studied world-leading business incubators from five different cultures.

With an educational background in Business and Economics and a Master’s Degree in Management, Erik is a curious person driven to help people succeed by creating optimal conditions to stimulate and advocate entrepreneurship. ”If it’s something that actually could help or contribute to the society in any way - I’m happy to support that journey.” He has been coaching students to start companies and is currently working for Position Väst to attract companies to set up businesses in several municipalities in Region Västra Götaland.

In his talk, Erik will tell us about how you can design your own context in order to succeed with your personal goals. Based on entrepreneurship and experience, he will show that the question is not whether or not something is possible, but how to make it possible.