Fredrik Gustafsson – Technological innovator in wildlife protection

How can technology be used in a cost efficient way, to protect wildlife from extinction and poaching? Fredrik Gustafsson is a researcher whose ambition is to use digitalization to save the lives of rhinos in Kenya’s Smart Savannahs - and beyond.

Fredrik spent a lot of time observing birds when he was young and his interest in nature is still very much alive as an adult. When the research topic of a Smart Savannah in Ngulia was presented for him, he became deeply touched by it. He now spends more than half of his time testing technical solutions and gathering data in Sweden's Kolmården Zoo as well as helping the rangers in Kenya protect the rhino population against natural and man-made threats.

Rhinos now live in protected areas in natural parks and sanctuaries, since living in wild savannahs has become too dangerous. They are protected by rangers on a daily basis, however they are still on the verge of extinction, which forces us to act fast. In his talk, Fredrik will show us how a different spectrum of technological tools is used to help the park rangers keep wildlife alive and how the digitalization of the work flows can be a game changer, with huge cost savings and increased efficiency. Fredrik wants to use technology to save lives, one step at a time.