Peter Brune – Armed violence reduction expert

Can a Kalashnikov be given a new lease of life? After spending a large part of his life in conflict zones, Peter Brune is convinced this is not only possible but also one of the most urgent challenges in the world today. And humanium is how it will be done. There are more than 875 million firearms in circulation in the world, of which roughly a third are illegally held by civilians. Every minute, someone is killed by a firearm. Whether it is in Afghanistan, Guatemala, Lebanon, Syria, Somalia or Congo, spiraling armed violence is sustained and enhanced by illicit weapons. 

In 2015, inspired by the success of the international campaign to ban landmines, Peter developed the Humanium project, a global fight against illicit firearms. The project facilitates the melting of weapons into the branded product Humanium, a new element. Commercial brands then buy the metal and use it in their products with profits going to supporting the global fight against the spread of illegal firearms.

Peter will take us on a fascinating journey from Guatemala to Bosnia. A journey that will explore the spectrum of the impact of small arms violence and the incredible resilience of its victims. Peter’s creative solution to this “too-hard-to tackle” problem, will undoubtedly inspire the TEDxGöteborg community to join him and his team at IM (Individuell Människohjälp) in making the world a safer place for all, one Kalashnikov at a time.