Rino Solberg – Inventor and Social Entrepreneur

What would you do after running numerous successful businesses across the world for 40 years? Well, if you are Norwegian inventor and entrepreneur, Rino Solberg, you set out to solve one of the biggest issues of our time: poverty in Africa. A believer in setting “goals larger than myself”, Rino has synthesized his extensive knowledge of business and the continent in a three-pronged approach that is already transforming the lives of thousands of rural farmers in Uganda and Kenya.

It could be said that Rino’s burning desire to alleviate poverty is rooted in his own acute understanding of the realities of economic hardship. After losing his father in early childhood, ten year-old Rino was forced to start working to help his mother provide for the family. This helped him cultivate a fierce entrepreneurial spirit and a firm belief in the power of opportunity over charity.

One would be hard-pressed to find a clearer example of this year’s Spectrum theme than Rino. An early bloomer, Rino owned his first business at 21, and by the time he turned 30, he had invented UNISLIP, a grinding machine for valves found in 80% of all nuclear powers stations today. For the next three decades, Rino would travel the world with his invention and work with many of the giants of the Personal Development world. At age 60, with an impressive breadth of business initiatives and areas of expertise under his belt, he decided to embark on yet another adventure. But, this time “to do something substantial that I could really have fun doing without thinking of making money for myself”, and so The Better Globe Group was born. Fast-track 12 years and the results speak for themselves.

With a passion and enthusiasm rare even for TEDsters, Rino will walk us through his long-term vision for an Africa without poverty. A vision of thriving rural communities that have sustainable and dignified livelihoods. Communities that no longer feel compelled to migrate to urban slums. A vision of rich ecosystems and wealth stored in the soil, the tree bark, and kids’ smiles. A vision so clear and compelling, it is contagious!