Tina Glenvik – Pedagogical Performer

Who has not been told the age-old saying minutes before taking the stage, that to avoid nervousness, just imagine everyone in their underwear? Most quickly realize, however, that this seldom does the trick. Tina Glenvik is no stranger to being nervous; since the age of 15, she has been acting and singing professionally on stage and no longer has to rely on simple gimmicks to keep herself composed. Instead, she is convinced that people can be trained to get themselves through this bodily barrier; the focus can then be on the performance rather keeping the body calm.

Holding two master degrees from the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg in both Education in Music Pedagogy as well as Music and Drama Performance, Tina now works as a teacher and makes it her goal to show her students how one conquers their nervousness on stage. She believes the more confident a performer is, the better the audience’s experience will be.

In Tina’s talk, she will not only tell the audience how to tackle this personal issue, but also illustrate it through singing. By performing, she will exemplify how different forms of body language can make a difference on one's presentation. Her message is applicable not only in the dramatic world, but to a spectrum of sectors such as professional and social arenas. Tina wants people to realize that it’s never too late to redefine your personal self to feel more confident both on and off stage and that it doesn't have to involve fantasizing about people in their underwear (unless you really want to).