Bob Hansson and Kalle Bäccman – What if the origin of all great ideas is love?

Bob Hansson is one of Sweden's most well known poets and authors, and has published several books and articles since his debut in 1994. He has also toured the world with musicians such as Thåström, Staffan Hellstrand, Olle Ljungström and Bäccman, to name a few. Or in the words of the poet himself; he has performed his poetry all over the planet except Antarctica.
     Kalle Bäccman is a musician, composer and producer who besides working with
Hansson, has written music to several award winning feature films, documentaries and theatre pieces. Bäccman is also featured on many albums.

Together, the poet and the musician joins us at TEDxGöteborg to, in their way, explore the question of whether the origin of all great ideas is love?

Twisted Feet - What if glue is all we need to save the climate?

twisted feet.jpg

Twisted Feet is a well-recognised dance company both nationally and internationally. The  company was created in 2004 and has been expanding ever since in the urban culture, creating outstanding shows, jams, competitions, events and workshops. Twisted Feet is well known for reflecting our present time and society in most of their work. The shows are a creative mix of dance, theatre, high energy and for the ulterior motive behind them.

What if the temperature on earth increases with five degrees? What future are we heading towards? And how can we contribute to a sustainable future? 5° is the project name of an innovative artistic concept of the global climate threats. A project that combines culture and research with the latest technology. Concept, direction and choreography are produced by Twisted Feet Production with script written in cooperation with Christofer Bocker. The project implements a close cooperation with Chalmers, as well as selected stakeholders from the industry, where the aim is to inspire and influence people to change their way of life from an environmental perspective


Sara Olausson – What if I would have followed my fear over the past two years?

Sara Olausson is a cartoonist based in Stockholm. She graduated from the Royal Institute of Art in 2007 and have many books on her CV. Earlier this year she released Det kunde varit jag (It could have been me) about the meeting and unexpected friendship with the Romanian  beggar Felicia. Sara joins us at TEDxGöteborg to talk about sympathy, trust and unexpected friendship. “I want the audience to sympathise with Felicia, and through her see others in the same vulnerable situation. I want them to use this emotion as a compass to act  with compassion and think, ‘it could have been me’. 

”What made you take the first step  towards an unexpected friendship?“

Felicia turned everything upside down by doing the opposite of what  was expected. She abandoned the roles we had and showed me generosity even though she was the one in great need.

What if I would have followed my fear over the past two years? None of this would have happened. Who would I have been today? Felicia told me she could have been dead.

Kristina Lundholm Fors – What if silence speaks louder than words?

What if silence speaks louder than words?

Kristina Lundholm Fors, a speech and language pathologist turned PhD student, has been fascinated by language and communication from an early age. Her passion has led her from a childhood of avid reading to the doctoral dissertation Production and Perception of Pauses in Speech, in which she delves into the elusive world of silence.

Fors joins us at TEDxGöteborg to share her findings, and to further explore the notion of silence as an expression.

What if silence speaks louder than words?

In between words, there is silence. But this doesn’t mean that we are not still communicating. In a conversation, what we say when we don’t speak is in fact as important, or even more important, than the words themselves. The silence encompasses the words. It gives them a frame; a context. And along with the non verbal communication, it even defines them. So in a way, silence really does speak louder than words. We just have to learn what it means.

Christofer Johansson – What if we could tickle the future?

Christofer Johansson is a PT, leadership and group dynamics coach and occasional adventurer. In 2014 he cycled, with a team of four from Sweden to Thailand, to raise money for an orphanage in Phuket. The journey took him through 18 countries in eight months, gave new insights and raised 400,000 SEK. He joins us at TEDxGöteborg to talk about how a playful attitude can create a bond between team members and how you can “tickle the future”.

“What if I told you the real challenge of our journey was different than expected: not to survive or to avoid theft, but to keep our group of friends together.”

“We learned about group dynamics the long way: from Sweden to Thailand; 17,800 kilometers on a bicycle. The real challenge was not to survive or avoid theft, but to keep our group of four friends together.”

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Rickard Åström – What if music has the power to heal broken hearts?


Educated at the Music Conservatory in Gothenburg, Sweden, musician and composer Rickard Åström has performed with the Grammy Award-winning band Groupa all over the world, as well as served as Musical Director at the Gothenburg Opera. What is more, Åström is currently involved in ongoing research at the University Hospital of Sahlgrenska, exploring music as a sustainable alternative in healthcare.

Åström joins us at TEDxGöteborg to share how music and singing affects us on a biological level, and will also be performing live music on the piano.

What if string theory is all about learning how to play?
Singing in a choir, or playing together in an orchestra or band gives an excellent opportunity to learn how to interact and create together. I don’t think we all have to be skilled at playing an instrument, but I am convinced that music and other arts give us tools to understand the universe and ourselves. Measurements and data alone will never capture the essence of love, nature, or our souls.

“I don’t think we all have to be skilled at playing an instrument, but I am convinced that music and other arts give us tools to understand the universe, and ourselves.”

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AI_am/Valencia James & Alex Berman – What if we could be inspired by artificial intelligence?

AI_am is a collaboration project between contemporary dancer Valencia James, AI developer and artist Alex Berman, along with Botond Bognár (Concept and research), Gábor Papp (coding and rendering) and Gáspár Hajdu (motion capture, rendering and architectural design). Using motion capture and a complex software, the team has created a database, which an AI Avatar is using to respond, improvise and interact with the human dancer, thus performing a dance duet. Human and computer are not merely imitating each other, but also influencing and pushing the dance towards new territories. The project is making us address our daily perception of the laws of physics and raises philosophical questions on the relationship between humans and computers.

Valencia James is a freelance dancer and choreographer based in Budapest. Alex Berman is a software developer and artist, and has developed several projects in the overlaps of art and technology. The AI_am project was also presented at TEDxDanubia 2015 in Budapest.

What if we could change the laws of physics? 
“Technology changes the way things work, and the way we interact. Ridesharing apps like Über change the way we travel and are about to change the whole taxi business. That caused us to think of performing arts. We wanted to question the indispensability of the human body.“

“What if gravity didn’t exist? Living in a virtual reality, the avatar is not restricted by the laws of nature. The way it moves makes me question my habits as a dancer, and pushes me into new territories.”

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Henrik Ehrsson – What if we could leave our body and have a new one?

Henrik Ehrsson is a cognitive neuroscientist at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. During his PhD, he got interested in the correlation between the brain’s activities and how people experience and control their bodies. During that time Ehrsson mostly worked with how the brain give humans their superior hand dexterity, but after being done with his PhD, he went on to UCL (University College London) where he kept working with cognitive neuroscience and advanced brain imaging techniques.

What if you produce feelings from artificial limbs worn by amputees simply by
‘tricking the brain’?

“We’ve been conducting body swap experiments in which the participant experience another person’s body as his or her own, which raises important philosophical and psychological questions. We’re trying to understand if our thoughts and feelings are affected when we experience another body as our own, if that experience can change the way we feel and think about our own bodies.”

“We’re trying to understand how the brain produces a sense of “I” that is located inside the boundaries of a physical body, and how we can change this sense so that people can experience new bodies as their own”

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Mir Faizal – What if we knew everything about the universe?

Mir Faizal is currently working at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada as a visiting professor, as well as a researcher in the fields of physics and astronomy. At TEDxGöteborg, Faizal will be talking about the Big Bang and quantum gravity, as well as about string theory, the latter being the most fundamental and important theory for understanding the universe and its creation, according to Faizal himself.

What if we had a true theory of quantum gravity?

“If we had a true theory, which we don’t, we would understand some really interesting physical phenomena. Quantum gravity becomes important in some very important and interesting things in the universe, one of them being the beginning of the universe, the Big Bang. Another one of them is the center of black holes.”

“There are two theories present. There is the general theory of relativity which describes the universe at a large scale, and there is quantum theory which describes the universe at a small scale. Both of them have to be combined when you are describing the beginning of the universe. This combination is called quantum gravity.

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Assiye Süer – What if the universe was created just for you?

Assiye Süer is about to finish her master’s degree in aerospace engineering at Luleå University of Technology in the north of Sweden. She has studied astronomy since she first saw the picture of Buzz Aldrin on the moon, in a physics class when she was 13. She promised herself to find life in the solar system – with failure not being an option. Assiye joins us at TEDxGöteborg to explore the question “what if the universe was created just for you – or what if it’s not?”. There are more stars than sand grains on Earth, how can one possibly claim that the universe is empty of life?

What if we’re not alone? 

I think it’s only a matter of time until we find something out there. We have to realise that even bacteria on a celestial body in our Solar system is enough. That would clearly indicate that life isn’t what we think it is. Additionally, it would be a great leap towards finding more advanced life. Imagine bacteria changing the meaning of life. We can’t be alone and therefore we are not unique in any way. As soon as we find life, the human species will become one of many living things out there. There are more stars than sand grains on Earth, how can one possibly claim that the universe is empty of life?

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Stefan Schubert – What if politics was rational?


Stefan Schubert is a Swedish philosopher at Lund University, currently working as a postdoc at the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social science at London School of Economics (LSE). Schubert is the president of a new network for evidence-based policy and he has also created a political bias test for He is joining us at TEDxGöteborg to address the question What if politics was rational? What would the debate look like then and would it be better?

What if I can infuse hope?

“I want to argue that we can change, and should change. I’m interested in history and we have previously gone through major changes, like the Age of Enlightenment. So why would it be impossible to do it again? It is not set in stone that politics should look the way it does right now.” 

“I want to use philosophy to make a difference. I examine debates in detail in order to create a sensible political climate. We need a sensible debate – and voters need to start thinking about this.” 

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Shahrzad Kiavash – What if no mountain is too big to climb?

Shahrzad Kiavash is a KTH-graduate, young professional and double amputee. In August 2015, she finished her first triathlon – with prosthetic legs. Three years earlier, a dangerous disease hit her out of the blue and she was lucky to make it through alive. Shahrzad joins us at TEDxGöteborg to talk about the journey from the hospital bed to 1,5 k swimming, 4 k cycling and 1 k running at Vattenfall World Thriathlon Stockholm.

I hope that someone sees me and thinks: If she can do it, so can I!

What if you can make a difference?

“I hope that someone sees me and thinks: If she can do it, so can I! That’s why I run my battles in public. It has been difficult, but also a therapeutic process. I have told my story so many times now.”

“I realised I had two options. I could end it all. Or I could choose life. And if I did, I had to make sure it was the best life possible. I had to look at the new conditions: I had gained weight, I was weak from the disease and I did not have my lower legs.”

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Mikael Genberg – What if there was a house on the moon?

Artist and entrepreneur Mikael Genberg has gained international reputation for his projects Hotell Hackspett, Utter Inn, Hotell Oops and the underwater hotel Manta Resort in Zanzibar, Tanzania. The hallmark of Genberg’s art is the typical Swedish Red Cottage. With his art project The Moon House, Mikael Genberg is trying to put the red cottage on the moon, a pursuit engaging numerous contributors, from space engineers to producers of red paint. At TEDxGöteborg Mikael Genberg will talk about the things in life we presuppose as “impossible”.

The basic assumption must be that everything is possible.

What if everything was possible?

“Everything is possible! People tend to be upset when they here that, but it’s true. If I said I would become the world champion in high jump, well that’s most likely impossible – but what if it’s not? The basic assumption must be that everything is possible.”

“I think the fear to fail is what leads to success. Being close to a fiasco gives me great strength. But for the failure to be meaningful, your struggle has to gain some prosperity. All other failures through history have been quickly forgotten.”

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