AI_am/Valencia James & Alex Berman – What if we could be inspired by artificial intelligence?

AI_am is a collaboration project between contemporary dancer Valencia James, AI developer and artist Alex Berman, along with Botond Bognár (Concept and research), Gábor Papp (coding and rendering) and Gáspár Hajdu (motion capture, rendering and architectural design). Using motion capture and a complex software, the team has created a database, which an AI Avatar is using to respond, improvise and interact with the human dancer, thus performing a dance duet. Human and computer are not merely imitating each other, but also influencing and pushing the dance towards new territories. The project is making us address our daily perception of the laws of physics and raises philosophical questions on the relationship between humans and computers.

Valencia James is a freelance dancer and choreographer based in Budapest. Alex Berman is a software developer and artist, and has developed several projects in the overlaps of art and technology. The AI_am project was also presented at TEDxDanubia 2015 in Budapest.

What if we could change the laws of physics? 
“Technology changes the way things work, and the way we interact. Ridesharing apps like Über change the way we travel and are about to change the whole taxi business. That caused us to think of performing arts. We wanted to question the indispensability of the human body.“

“What if gravity didn’t exist? Living in a virtual reality, the avatar is not restricted by the laws of nature. The way it moves makes me question my habits as a dancer, and pushes me into new territories.”

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