Bob Hansson and Kalle Bäccman – What if the origin of all great ideas is love?

Bob Hansson is one of Sweden's most well known poets and authors, and has published several books and articles since his debut in 1994. He has also toured the world with musicians such as Thåström, Staffan Hellstrand, Olle Ljungström and Bäccman, to name a few. Or in the words of the poet himself; he has performed his poetry all over the planet except Antarctica.
     Kalle Bäccman is a musician, composer and producer who besides working with
Hansson, has written music to several award winning feature films, documentaries and theatre pieces. Bäccman is also featured on many albums.

Together, the poet and the musician joins us at TEDxGöteborg to, in their way, explore the question of whether the origin of all great ideas is love?