Christofer Johansson – What if we could tickle the future?

Christofer Johansson is a PT, leadership and group dynamics coach and occasional adventurer. In 2014 he cycled, with a team of four from Sweden to Thailand, to raise money for an orphanage in Phuket. The journey took him through 18 countries in eight months, gave new insights and raised 400,000 SEK. He joins us at TEDxGöteborg to talk about how a playful attitude can create a bond between team members and how you can “tickle the future”.

“What if I told you the real challenge of our journey was different than expected: not to survive or to avoid theft, but to keep our group of friends together.”

“We learned about group dynamics the long way: from Sweden to Thailand; 17,800 kilometers on a bicycle. The real challenge was not to survive or avoid theft, but to keep our group of four friends together.”

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