Henrik Ehrsson – What if we could leave our body and have a new one?

Henrik Ehrsson is a cognitive neuroscientist at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. During his PhD, he got interested in the correlation between the brain’s activities and how people experience and control their bodies. During that time Ehrsson mostly worked with how the brain give humans their superior hand dexterity, but after being done with his PhD, he went on to UCL (University College London) where he kept working with cognitive neuroscience and advanced brain imaging techniques.

What if you produce feelings from artificial limbs worn by amputees simply by
‘tricking the brain’?

“We’ve been conducting body swap experiments in which the participant experience another person’s body as his or her own, which raises important philosophical and psychological questions. We’re trying to understand if our thoughts and feelings are affected when we experience another body as our own, if that experience can change the way we feel and think about our own bodies.”

“We’re trying to understand how the brain produces a sense of “I” that is located inside the boundaries of a physical body, and how we can change this sense so that people can experience new bodies as their own”

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