Mikael Genberg – What if there was a house on the moon?

Artist and entrepreneur Mikael Genberg has gained international reputation for his projects Hotell Hackspett, Utter Inn, Hotell Oops and the underwater hotel Manta Resort in Zanzibar, Tanzania. The hallmark of Genberg’s art is the typical Swedish Red Cottage. With his art project The Moon House, Mikael Genberg is trying to put the red cottage on the moon, a pursuit engaging numerous contributors, from space engineers to producers of red paint. At TEDxGöteborg Mikael Genberg will talk about the things in life we presuppose as “impossible”.

The basic assumption must be that everything is possible.

What if everything was possible?

“Everything is possible! People tend to be upset when they here that, but it’s true. If I said I would become the world champion in high jump, well that’s most likely impossible – but what if it’s not? The basic assumption must be that everything is possible.”

“I think the fear to fail is what leads to success. Being close to a fiasco gives me great strength. But for the failure to be meaningful, your struggle has to gain some prosperity. All other failures through history have been quickly forgotten.”

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