Mir Faizal – What if we knew everything about the universe?

Mir Faizal is currently working at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada as a visiting professor, as well as a researcher in the fields of physics and astronomy. At TEDxGöteborg, Faizal will be talking about the Big Bang and quantum gravity, as well as about string theory, the latter being the most fundamental and important theory for understanding the universe and its creation, according to Faizal himself.

What if we had a true theory of quantum gravity?

“If we had a true theory, which we don’t, we would understand some really interesting physical phenomena. Quantum gravity becomes important in some very important and interesting things in the universe, one of them being the beginning of the universe, the Big Bang. Another one of them is the center of black holes.”

“There are two theories present. There is the general theory of relativity which describes the universe at a large scale, and there is quantum theory which describes the universe at a small scale. Both of them have to be combined when you are describing the beginning of the universe. This combination is called quantum gravity.

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