Stefan Schubert – What if politics was rational?


Stefan Schubert is a Swedish philosopher at Lund University, currently working as a postdoc at the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social science at London School of Economics (LSE). Schubert is the president of a new network for evidence-based policy and he has also created a political bias test for He is joining us at TEDxGöteborg to address the question What if politics was rational? What would the debate look like then and would it be better?

What if I can infuse hope?

“I want to argue that we can change, and should change. I’m interested in history and we have previously gone through major changes, like the Age of Enlightenment. So why would it be impossible to do it again? It is not set in stone that politics should look the way it does right now.” 

“I want to use philosophy to make a difference. I examine debates in detail in order to create a sensible political climate. We need a sensible debate – and voters need to start thinking about this.” 

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