Twisted Feet - What if glue is all we need to save the climate?

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Twisted Feet is a well-recognised dance company both nationally and internationally. The  company was created in 2004 and has been expanding ever since in the urban culture, creating outstanding shows, jams, competitions, events and workshops. Twisted Feet is well known for reflecting our present time and society in most of their work. The shows are a creative mix of dance, theatre, high energy and for the ulterior motive behind them.

What if the temperature on earth increases with five degrees? What future are we heading towards? And how can we contribute to a sustainable future? 5° is the project name of an innovative artistic concept of the global climate threats. A project that combines culture and research with the latest technology. Concept, direction and choreography are produced by Twisted Feet Production with script written in cooperation with Christofer Bocker. The project implements a close cooperation with Chalmers, as well as selected stakeholders from the industry, where the aim is to inspire and influence people to change their way of life from an environmental perspective