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Over 400 curious and open-minded people took the chance to be inspired by a number of fascinating speakers and performances at TEDxGöteborg Spectrum on 14 November 2016.

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Knowledge is everywhere. When combined it can create a spectrum, but a spectrum is not limited to a specific set of ideas. Instead it can vary infinitely within a certain time and space, just like the colors of the rainbow or the diversity in people's taste in music. Zooming in a spectrum can cover differences around the world, the ups and downs in a person’s life, or multiple perspectives within a specific area of knowledge. To us, the common thread is the great depth and the broad range of varied but related thoughts where parts tend to overlap and become meaningful. In this spirit TEDxGöteborg Spectrum gathers insightful speakers, tickling performances and an audience keen on rewarding social interactions. Together we create an event filled with all the unique experiences that represent TEDxGöteborg – characterised by curiosity, openness, change and the unexpected.

What: The TEDxGöteborg Main event is a full day packed with live speakers ranging from your next door neighbor to world-famous scientists, performances, guided sessions to discuss ideas and make new acquaintances, streamed TED talks, meetings with our partners, and other surprises.

How: Be curious, welcome different viewpoints, embrace change, and expect the unexpected. Be prepared to be inspired, and to share your thought with your fellow audience.  Lunch and coffee breaks included.

When: 14 November 2016 at 08:30-17:00

Where: Rondo, Örgrytevägen 5, Gothenburg

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