Upcoming Events

Join TEDxGöteborg for a day filled with brilliant speakers, thought-provoking topics, and mind-blowing conversation! On the 7th of April 2022, you are invited to the most significant event of the year: ConneXions.

How does the ability to connect evolve through time and social changes, and how do we as humans cope with it? An ever-changing world of technology, an ever-evolving financial sector and formatted relationships are all part of moving forward, learning more and adapting. Are we able to be alone (are we even made for it?) and are we able to survive such a state of mind for a really long term emotionally and physically?

How will the dynamic between the employee and the employers change in a changing climate? How will work, life, community and love exist and develop in an ever-changing tech environment?

Will life ever bounce back or is it time to rethink our circumstances and forever make new ConneXions?


ConneXions will feature 10 speakers, and 3 entertainment acts, ready to take the stage on the iconic red carpet and challenge your preconceived notions. Stay tuned and book your ticket to be part of a mind-blowing day that will surely make you ask questions and what ConneXions really matters to you! Topics include how to behave in a riot, the mindset behind financial independence, whether a modern long-term relationship can succeed, how architecture can transform social integration and why death is so taboo? And much more...


Prepare to be challenged, intrigued, moved to tears, or maybe even angry! Social mixers and interactive installations will be part of the experience, along with refreshments and custom name badges! For those who want to keep the conversation going, don't leave after the final performance (that will surely make you stand up, clap your hands and feel like everything is possible). Stay for our AfterTED (AW for those traditionally-minded), mingle with partners, audience members, speakers and the TEDx Crew with a drink in hand to discuss the day's experience.


Take a look at the amazing line up and schedule for the day! Updates will follow as speakers and entertainment acts are announced.

13:00 - Doors open!

14:00 - Block 1: Claes Hemberg, Birgit Penzenstadler, Passion For Climate (entertainment act) David Bryngelsson

15:15 - Break

16:00 - Block 2: Kalle Norwald, Viktoria Walldin, Heidi Hay and Lara & Fillip (entertainment act)

17:15 - Break

18:00 - Block 3: Fouad Youcefi, Maria Soxbo, Murphy Alex, PASH (entertainment act) and Fuad Shidane

19:15 - AfterTED