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Just when you thought you were on top... then s’#t went wrong! Need a laugh? A few lessons? Join us on November 10th.

Just when you thought your creativity was on the top, unleashed and rolling... then s’#t went wrong! Is this familiar? Of course, we all have a list of our F’#k-ups! So we’ll get together at our TEDxGöteborg to share FAILED Tech experiences.

It might seem that your idea is ready to take off and be the next BIG THING in the Tech industry. Still, you’ll hear from our speakers that some ideas live up to all the fuss, but many others fail spectacularly!!!

Talking about success and wonderful journeys of invention in the Tech world is really easy, nevertheless is quite essential to have the opportunity to meet up and connect with peers who are surfing the same wave, laugh or maybe cry together, and even immerse in interactive and fun experiences throughout the night. It's all good, come and join us!

NOTE: This is a free event for all to attend with limited seating.


Thursday November 10th 2022

17.30 - Doors open

18.00 - Stage program part 1

18.45 - Intermission

19.15 - Stage program part 2

20.00 - The end... and time for our AfterTedx!

20.30 - Doors close


Uni3 by Geely

1 Pumpgatan

417 55 Göteborg