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Join our September 29th Salon Event for an inspiring & critical discussion about two urgent concepts - Anxiety & Finances

Anxiety can take on different forms and is triggered by various things. Everyone will experience feelings of anxiety at some point in their life. This upcoming TEDxGöteborg Salon event will focus on anxieties related to personal finances and how they impact our mental health.

A stellar panel with Shoka Åhrman (Author & Financial Expert), Glen Bryan (Chartered Clinical Psychologist) and moderated by Chris Doyle (Market Activator & Speaker), will tackle the challenges and solutions for personal finance-related anxiety.

From dealing with the stress of keeping up with new financial models, to coping with overwhelming daily demands, this timely event will deeply explore the game-changing world of financial anxiety management.

NOTE: This is a free event for all to attend with limited seating.


17.30 - Doors open

18.00 - Program begins

20.00 - Program ends & TEDx mingling begins

20.30 - Wrap-up


The Techno Creatives

Kämpegatan 10

411 04 Göteborg