ConneXions Speakers

Get to know the speakers at our upcoming event on April 7, 2022 at Konserthuset!

Fouad Youcefi

Meet journalist Fouad Youcefi, who will be joining us at Conne❌ions on April 7th.

Fouad will be bringing a new depth to the ideas of democracy. Forget about IKEA, Volvo and Aviici. The greatest thing ever produced in Sweden is a principle that almost no one outside of Sweden has ever heard of: one simple principle that fights corruption, lies and helps strengthen democracy.

Birgit Penzenstadler

Technology can help us to connect and be efficient, or: get us overwhelmed and stressed out. Birgit experiments with breathing and reflects on technology design so that we can realign with our intentions.

In her TEDx talk on April 7th, Birgit will be talking about how working with breathing and relaxation can assist in sustainable technology development, bringing our modern ages of technology to a more personal space of positive intentions.

Fuad Shidane

The idea for the podcast, The Side Hustle, was born last summer when the pandemic caused many to lose both jobs and future prospects. By sharing the positive experiences of others, Fuad hopes to spread hope and inspire people to take the step and start building something of their own - and thus reduce exclusion and segregation.

Fuad Shidane will be breaking down how he learned to create value in the world by interviewing entrepreneurs from around the country in his TEDx talk on April 7th.

Viktoria Walldin

Viktoria Walldin is a partner at White and holds a unique position as a social anthropologist among architects. She is an expert on social sustainability and has a wide range of experience in ethnographic methods including observation, interviews, and site analyses. She will be talking about the need for collecting and analyzing primary data about people’s experiences, values and behaviors focusing on the notion of place identity and connection with users of our built environment. She advocates the understanding of social aspects – as a key factor for democratic and equity in the development of our communities.

Claes Hemberg

Claes Hemberg is a well know public economist in Sweden. For decades, he has supported ordinary people to understand and act on money, mortgage, investments and economy.

Many people can feel trapped by the overwhelming information on how to reach financial stability, trying to navigate investments, a mortgage, and the economy. Claes is ready to help you get off that roller coaster!

Heidi Hay

Heidi started tattooing in 1991 and she was the first female tattoo artist to open a studio in Sweden in 1992. In 2012, she participated as a judge on TV6 "Inkmaster Sweden". Heidi has also been part of the jury at the Berlin Tattoo Convention for many years, the oldest fair in Europe. In 2012 and 2013, she hosted her own international Tattoo Convention here in Gothenburg, Sweden. She received a Master's certificate the first year they were awarded to tattoo artists in 2018 and now also sits on the tattoo artists' professional committee that handles applications for companion letters and master's certificates. At Conne❌ions on April 7th, she'll get more personal with us and share her own story of how the Maori death ritual helped her reclaim death, and through this exchange, heal.

David Bryngelsson

The world has decided to solve climate change, and yet the food industry, that’s responsible for a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions, still acts as though it’s optional. David will share his innovative ideas on how to unite the 2 billion people from the food industry and reach the end goal of zero emissions via innovation. If toddlers can handle complex technology and smartphones, we can solve climate change - if we do it together!

Murphy Alex

Murphy will be talking about the connection between leadership and asking great, effective questions. How questioning leads us to understand more of ourselves (otherwise known as self leadership). What makes better questioning of strangers and friends, both hostile and friendly, allows us to gain their trust, and them becoming open to us. This allows us to help guide them to their own better conclusion without introducing our judgement into the process.

Kalle Norwald

Relationships and sexuality are things that affect us all. But why do we put so much time into things that need so much work and energy? The knowledge of sexology may give us a hint for an answer for this question.

Maria Soxbo

Trying to live a sustainable life, but getting derailed by misleading ads? You’re not alone, greenwashing is an escalating problem. In this talk you will learn to recognize greenwashing a mile away and protect yourself against it.

Maria Soxbo is a journalist, published author and co-founder of non-profit organization Klimatklubben (Climate Club). She is an expert on sustainability communication and uses social media to inspire people to take climate action.